Steamy Windows


My foutrak suffers with a lot of condensation on the inside during the colder months and the window demister setting does not work well enough to clear it,is this normal? and does anybody have any tips?


If its anything like the condensation inside my Sportrak during cold mornings there is just one a very easy remedy. Open a window.

PS ... It will continue to mist after a new matrix and new radiator - assuming you need either. Sportraks always mist on cold mornings until the heater gets upto temperature. It its still misting when the heater is blowing hot, then you probably have a matrix leak. Feel the carpet alongside the driver/passenger centre console. Its probably damp. Watch for drops of water dripping down from the sides of the heater adjacent your feet.

If you get more condensation

If you get more condensation than normal it often means you have a water leak, if it isnt visible yet it is probaly soaking the insulation under the carpets.


Steaming up

I have a '88 Fourtrak and i've never experienced any demisting problems and the heaters on them usually get warm very quickly.

If your heater isn't getting warm then maybe your heater matrix (radiator) water galleries are clogged and need both pipes disconnecting and flushing through both ways with a hose pipe to try and force any deposits out of the matrix. One way to test for a blocked matrix is to check the temperature of the hoses running to the heater and compare to the temp. of the hoses on the main radiator( obviously being careful not to burn your self), on a properly working system one heater hose should be as hot as the rest of the system and the outlet hose from the heater should be cooler. If the hoses are colder then the radiator then the water isn't flowing through the heater.

Another reason for a cold heater is your Thermostat either stuck open or has been removed at some time. Is your temp gauge showing cold?

If the windows are steamed up badly when you get in and improve when you use the heater, then it could be water leaking in from outside the car and soaking the carpets. If the windows are lightly misted and don't improve (or get worse) when you use the heater, then it could be that you have a leaking heater matrix. This causes steaming because when it gets hot the leaking water turns to steam in the heater and the steam gets blown on to the screen ,which isn't very helpful.

Hope you get some help from this.