four wheel drive


Please help. I can no longer engage 4WD. I have a 1991 2.8td fourtrak. (the one with the green switch on the dash) If I engage the hubs and press the switch I can't get 4WD but I can hear the switch click on (the one near the throttle pedal). All seems to be working fine but no 4WD light and no 4WD!


Oh no, it's doing it in 2nd and 4th now.

vacum hose

Check the vacum hose from the alternator to the solenoid on the gear box. Also check the 4WD solenoid it self!

The click you can here is just the relay.....

Go to the alternator, look at the back of it, there is a small (about 4/5mm) hose going to a thin steel pipe. This pipe goes along the engine towards the gear box. Then it turns back to rubber where the flywheel meets the gear box. From there the rubber hose connects to a steel tube to the 4WD solenid. If the Solenid is getting no vacum then the 4WD high will not work (not even the light on the dash)

Whilst you are there you can check the solenoid itself is actuall engaging.






Thanks H. I've done that (I've had the truck on a ramp today) all seems fine but how do I tell if the solonoid is working or not?