Calling bundyrumandcoke


Hi David if you are reading this m8

Still struggling with my leaking injector pump.I have not managed to get the top of the pump yet.Leak is pretty bad now as you might imagine.I know of a diesel injector pump service place and being short of time at the moment, I thought I would drop in and have a chat with them about it.This is what the bloke said.

He was aware of the O rings but suggested that it was probably more than that i.e.
he reckons the shaft connected to accelerator spring is worn.He said he could just replace the O ring but it would start leaking again pretty quickly.
what are your thoughts mate Unknw

To service the pump and replace worn shaft would necessitate removing the pump from vehicle...The price to do the whole job (and replace timing belt at the same time)
would come in at £300..GULP

I just wondered what you thought m8..having done similar job..the guy is a specialist and was very sure about the shaft being worn...a common problem on high milage vehicles...says he does the same job often.