daihatsu body kits


does any one know where you can buy a bodykit for a 1989 charade

i have seen pictures of 89 charads with great body kits but i cant find any where that sells them ??

bodykit "Flash"

My Charade has one but I bought the car like this...
Years ago there was a man with the crazy idea the put a wide bodykit on a Charade... He had it made and there were about 12 ( we're not sure about the numbers) more bodykits built on Charades. I believe all these cars were in Germany... I know now there are about 4 cars (with the bodykit on it) and one loose bodykit in Holland... Recently a German girl sold her car to an English Daihatsu Club member (maybe this club..?)
If you want a bodykit too... you should try to keep a close eye on Ebay or design one yourself or use a vestatec bodykit... or check out the local tuning-shops... But it costs a lot money to have one made for you...



thanks for the info i real ap

thanks for the info i real appreciate it ... shame there is so little body kits going round 4 these cars.... ur yellow charade is wicked looks like uv got a wide kit on that too ay .... ps what is a vestatec bodykit is that a brand???? cheers


That yellow one isn't mine.... I've got a blue one.
Vestatec is a brand I guess... You can try finding it on our dutch daihatsu club : DaihatsuDriversClubNederland (DDCNL)
I know at this moment there's a white Flash for sail... Anyone interested? The bodykit isn't perfect but the engine is very good!



'97 Charade?

Sorry to bump this two-ish year old thread, but where can I find bodykits for my '97 Charade?
It's very hard to find a site that actually has a bit of sence when it comes to Charades.

I have a 1997 1.3 Charade Smile

Charade 96

Hi i was just wondering if anyone could send me a URL of where i can buy body kits for my 1996 charade G202 i have looked everywhere, ebay and everything and cant seem to find anything so if anyone out there can help me plz send me an email

[email protected]

cheers Smile

body kit for sirion

does any 1 know where i could get a bodykit for my sirion to ma it look beta and stand owt in a crowd

Detomaso - Body Kit

Hi all,

I have a 93/94 charde 1.3 glxi, I am looking for a detomaso body kit for it and can not find one anywhere.

If anyone could help me that would be great.

Many thanks