Leaning 91 Fourtrak tdx


Is there any known weakness or problems with the leaf spring suspension or electrical dampers as mine has developed a definate lean to the offside rear. any suggestions/cures will be appreciated.

Regards Mark

Cure for leaning 91 fourtrak

Well ive found the problem as the last leaf snapped today and now the lean is very ponounced ah well it a new pair of leaf springs for me. Im considering buying a pair from Milners in Derbyshire all fully dressed poly bushes etc does any one have any better thoughts on replacment or hints on fitting.

leaf springs

milners very recommended, get a garage to fit them as the mounting bolts have a nasty habit of seizing up...... garage took 3 hours to get 1 off my sporty, (however he did say this was rare) , but it cost me £52 to fit both and £127 for springs, cheap deal if u ask me as he had my car about 7 hours .... best of luck

Removal of leaf springs

Well i took the leafsprings off today had to get the angle grinder with stone disc(the're thinner)to cut through the mounting bolts as ALL had seized into the void bushes i even got carried away and cut through the four u bolts who needs spanners just be carefull as the spring is still compressed.
I decided to do it my self well no garages open today and i was curious hmmm.

well curiosity satisfied only had one mishap a sheared nut on the lower shock mounting plate any one got a spare for sale or ill have to have a new bold welded in.

Regards Mark