daihatsu mira classic


i have just become the happy owner of a mira 4wd turbo 650cc,1999 and would appreciate any advice ie , problems that may accur , other than the problems of insurance, thanx you and also the import questions is it isnt it Unknw

OK here's the info, hope this

OK here's the info, hope this answers your questions.

It's not an import - Daihatsu UK imported them officially from new in December 1998 (likely because the new Mira model came out then and they had some spare) and they're registered as Very Low Volume Imports. So they're really just like any other UK-sold new Japanese car.

Insurance is a problem because nowhere's ever heard of it - Elephant.co.uk list it though, so you can give them a try. I'm with them. Interestingly the former owner of mine had it insured as the 0.8 non-turbo Cuore!

Problems that may occur, can't think of any off hand as I've not had any myself since I got mine in June. The gearbox feels a bit clunky but this seems to be a characteristic of the car. It's quite a delicate engine so you'll want to change the oil at least every 3000 miles (as per manual) and after driving let it run down on idle for 2 minutes to prolong the life of your turbo (also as per manual). What's not mentioned - be very gentle driving it until it's warmed up properly, avoid letting the turbo kick in until the temperature settles in the middle. On cold days I tend to let it warm up for a while before I drive off. Also get used to driving a gear higher than normal due to the gear ratios, you don't want to be stuck in 1st/2nd for long as it's frantic when the boost kicks in.

You'd be best running it on premium fuel too - the manual doesn't state this but honestly mine costs £8 a week of Optimax for driving to and from work. Motorway driving is another matter, at 70mph you're screaming along at about 4500-5000rpm in 5th, the engine handles it with ease but it gulps fuel like you wouldn't believe. Try to avoid them or keep behind the lorries!


how many miles is that on average per week , thank you for the info a big help thanxs

with mine i normally get arou

with mine i normally get around 90 to 100 miles to half a tank of petrol, but with the colder weather i seem to getting nearly 120 at the moment! a full tank of optimax costs about 17 to 18 quid Smile

Not many miles for me but it'

Not many miles for me but it's mostly 30mph town driving to and from work - stop and start stuff which sups the fuel quite a bit. I'd say I get a bit less fuel economy than Vanpeebles but it's still very efficient. A full tank gives me about 3 weeks worth, I'll have to count the miles and see. I'm generally quite gentle with it but it's hard to resist letting the boost really come on sometimes.

I'd say I probably get 120-150 miles to a full tank what with it being very stop-start but it's a bit of a guess! I'll have to count up next week.

cambelt/mira classic?650cc

could you tell me how often the cambelt needs changing or has it got a timing chain , (nothing in manule )
how does it perform on 2*unleaded Unknw
thanx you for replies i have checked website .