-90 Fourtrak boost pressure?


What´s fourtraks turbo boost pressure with intercooler?
I´m thinking of putting a cooler to a non cooled fourtrak, and i was thinking how much more i can adjust pressure safely? Do i need to do something for fuelpump also?

Manual says about 11psi (0.7

Manual says about 11psi (0.7 bar approx). I would guess that 15psi might be a safe range ,but I would discuss that with a company who do aftermarket turbo boosting systems to see what they would recommend. The intercooler will mean you can throw a bit more fuel down the cylinders, as there is more oxygen to burn it efficiently. This is adjusted on the injection pump and i suggest you do a bit of research before having a crack at this yourself. I altered the plunger on my injection pump to give me enough fuel, but that is starting to get expensive.

Good luck