Fourtrack filter replacement


Hi there,

Just bought myself an 89 2.8TD Rocky! Great tool but having just replaced the air and fuel filter last night it will no longer run! :0(

I pressed the primer pump with the bleed screw undone for about 20 minutes but just am unable to get any fuel through! The Truck starts but will only run for about 4 seconds before stalling. So I guess an air lock but how do I bleed as the pump on the fuel filter does not seem to do the job?

Any help greatly appreciated.


its defo a air lock! have you

its defo a air lock! have you tried turning it over and pumping at the same time? this might help!

on my old deisel car i just used to pump and turn it over for ages untill it fired! it should pull thru the fuel eventually!

also take the cap off the fuel filler, that should also help!

anyone wana ride in my hovercraft!

Hi - thanks for the info, hav

Hi - thanks for the info, have tried removing fuel cap, turning the engine over etc all to no avail. Have been advised to fill the filter manually with diesel before fitting and also checking the filter pump diaphram for a split.

All very odd as worked ok before I changed the filter!

What puzzles me is how or where the fuel pump is / works as with the ignition on I can hear nothing. I assume its electric and works only with the engine running, or has packed up! Otherwise it is mechanical and is part of the injection pump hence why there is a manual primer!.

Just duno but surely somebody has experienced this before?

I agree ...almost certainly a

I agree ...almost certainly an air lock...
Remove inlet hose that goes into the fuel filter...fill the filter with fuel then.....remove inlet hose from injection pump and get some fuel into the pump itself...reconnect hose. Prime the pump a few times with the rubber bulb on the filter housing...start that engine !!!


i get the same prob.found a full fuel tank helps also with the back slightly higher.i thought there was something wrong too but eventually i managed to get started by filling up filter and slackened of bleed screw with engine going the air cleared quite quick.

I have had this occur many ti

I have had this occur many times. It is just a matter of patience. Fill the fuel filter and pump away eventually you will see the diesel flow. It is also worth cracking the pipe on No 1 injector to bleed that a little.