Transfer box oil leak


Hi, Ive had my Fourtrack about 4 months and I absolutely love it. However, I was towing a horse trailer on wednesday morning when I heard a huge bang. I stopped immediately and checked everything but couldn't find any evidence of where the noise had come form. I have subsequently noticed I am losing a lot of oil and I think its from the transfer box. I haven't noticed any difference in performance whilst driving. Has anybody any ideas to what could have happened.

I also have problems selecting second when going down the box but I am reasonably happy that this is the much discussed mainshaft nut problem.

Nige B

Have you tried

selecting 4WD high and low since the bang? I think you'll find once you do there is your problem.

Try 4wd

I am work at the moment so haven't had chance but supposing it is (and I think you may be right) am I looking at a new transfer box.

Nige B

Nige B