Sportrak rattle


Hi, I've a 97 ELXi which has a rattle/clatter at between 3000 and 4000 rpm. Anybody have a clue/has the same sound?



Come on!

Reckon its your lady's diamate earings in the glove box!!

In all seriousness could be anything - maybe you could furnish the user group with a little more information?

My guess other than the earings would be the exhaust manifold heat shield. But based on the lack of info you have supplied it is purely a guess!

come on


You're right, not enough information. A, you are assuming that I'm male - which is fine. B, what the fook is diamate? Do you mean diamante, as used in costume jewellery? If so, they may be mine, but I've taken them out and the sound remains. LOL.

May be the heat sheild, I'll have a look. It's difficult to pin down as it only happens on the move. Lots of owners seem to have trouble with the exhaust, does anyone do a good replacement?

IF it is when under load, i.e

IF it is when under load, i.e. pulling from low rpm, then give the UJ's a grease.

Dave with a Sporty

Dave with a Sporty