Has anyone any veiws on using cleaning additives e.g redex for injectors/fuel systems, would they be safe to use on my tdx, just thought about a fuel system spring clean i wanted to be sure to use the right product if any?


Put a large bottle of Redex in the tank of my Fourtrak Diesel. Smokes alot - as for wether it runs better or not who knows! I guess that these products kind of work otherwise the companies would have gone bust years ago. Remember slick 50? Still going after all these years and experiments prove that cars can be driven for many many off road desert miles with no oil in the sump. (personally would not recomend that you don't use oil!!!)

There is somthing called the diesel bug - an organism that grows inside diesel tanks - espcially boats that sit around for weeks on end in damp conditions. Not sure this affects cars as they are filled up frequently with fresh fuel.

So in summary if you have an issue fix it. Otherwise if it is not broke.........

However a little Autumn treat of a dose of Redex - surely can't hurt?

There is a fanatastic injecto

There is a fanatastic injector additive that you cannot buy in the shops...its a trade only product....they do a range of additives including injector/fuel system cleaner...the product is called


Do a search on ebay...someone is selling it on there at a very good price...if you want to know a little more about it a UK search for 'Forte'in Google.