YRV Turbo Blitz SUS Induction Filter


I finally got around to fitting an induction kit to my YRV Turbo. I opted for the Blitz SUS which is specific to the YRV Turbo. Not cheap at £176. I have uploaded an image in modifications.

The filter looks good. Does

The filter looks good.
Does the performance of the car feel any faster with the filter?

Have you still got the original tyres on yours?
There is a thread in the "Modifications" section about fitting 195/50 15 tyres to overcome wheel spin and corner better.
I'm going to try this soon just wondered if you had tried this yet.

The thread is here:


YRV Turbo

The difference is higher up the rev range I think. I expect I now have about 130 bhp instead of 127. You can hear the air hissing through the filter - sounds weird.

195/50/15 tyres is my next mod - I changed the fronts for all - weather Vredestein Quatrac 175/55/15 because the origianls were wearing and spun a lot especially in the wet from rest.

YRV Turbo

Wow, I've never seen so many wheels that will fit a YRV. 185/55/15 is an alternative I have considered.


195 tyres I would say are too big for 5j wheels. They fit but dont look too safe. Daihatsu Dave has them. He could tell you more.
185's give you more choice.
I found on my modified Fiat Seicento my wide tyres were only useable in the summer.

What problems did you encount

What problems did you encounter with wide tyres on your Seicento?

I was goimg to fit 195 tyres to my YRV Turbo.

If any one has fitted them I'd like to hear your opinion.

YRV tyres

Hi guys,
mines got 195x50x15 Yoko's.
They seem ok, no problems so far, i dont know what the original 175's were like to compare. They were put on before i bought it but was told they were a vast improvement. I was wondering what 195x45's might look like but think the smaller wall will slope in too steep to the rim. 185x55's make the overall diameter a bit too big and as far as i know they dont do 185x50's, so 195x50 is best for now.
Anyone seen my query on blow by gas??????????
D Dave.

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