Unique Sportrak


I want to do something differrent with my Sporty. seen a few turned ito monster trucks and seen 1 which was lowered . Both looked great but they've been done too many times now. My Sportrak is in a bit of a state theres a few dents the head gaskets gone the paint looks terrible and some idiot stuck a load of cheap stickers on it. So I thought while I'm tidying it up might as well do something different with it
Does anyone have any ideas about what I could do with it. I don't use it for towing and I don't think it will go off road again so its pretty much a blank canvas. Any ideas or tips would be greatly appreciated

unique sportrak

cp, how about junk the body and stick a clio or similar on top ,i saw a beetle on a landrover chassis it looked amazing :o


Done properly, with a lot of

Done properly, with a lot of time and effort these hybreds can look stunning. Do it wronge and everyone will laugh at you. Don't do a mini, it's been done to deth (usually on a Suzuki chassis).

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