Advice for a novice please


Hello all,

I am just enquiring on behalf of my brother, who has a E reg fourtrak 2.7 TD SW base model.
He just had an MOT done and the advice he was given was that the off side rear hub seal requires replacement.
When we took off the rear drum we called see a sign of oil leaking, but couldnt identify where from.
As we have both have little knowledge,
what is the so called rear hub seal? is it an easy job to do?

Many thanks far any help

regards daz

Before you go any further, ch

Before you go any further, check for up and down movement in the rear bearing. If there is any, then the entire bearing needs replacement. If none, then pull the brakes apart, then undo the 4 nuts on the back of the brake backing plate/axle housing flange, then remove the rear axle. The seal is inside the axle housing. There is a full how-to including pics for replacing rear wheel bearings in the FAQ Bible in the Daihatsu section of


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rear oil seal

I confirm that bundy's page is the one to follow, looks pretty scary but she's easy.....





oil leak rear hub seal

I do not know anything of your particular model but sure have replaced those seals in my Morris, Hillman and Wolseley cars years ago!

In my case the source of the oil was the back axle differential. And the cause of the leak was wear to the seal. It is a stationary rubbery orifice, a neat fit to the spinning axle which passes thru it. The leakage even if a slight amount, will contaminate the brake drum and increase the stopping distance. Your car may even swerve to one side upon heavy braking.

An easy routine job for mechanic. But dodgy for a DIY project.