Steering Concern


Advice please - the front end on my 2.8 TDX feels a little strange -the steering wheel feels a little hesitant, with more play in it than I think is usual. It seems to wander a bit on a long straight. My tyres are not wearing unevenly, and I've already had front bearings done quite recently, so is it a steering box problem? Any answers gratefully received.


hi play in your steering,there is a certain amount of play needed after that you can ajust in your steering box. BUT you have to be carefull not to much its a lock nut affair make sure there are no stiffness any where once done by rotating the steering lock to lock whist vehical is raised both wheels off the ground. ........Wally


hi ,ihave a 91 fourtrak with the same problem ,is this an easy job to adjust the sterring box and where do you start Unknw thanks alot stewart


Make certain the front bearing are OK. Jack front up and support on axle stands. Remove front wheels. Grasp the disc/wheel hub and twist up/down and then side to side. Feel for any free play checking bearing free play [side to side - should be none/minimum] and ball joints security [up/down - no movement]. Then check track rods by visually looking at the joints whilst twisting the wheel hub side to side.
If nothing found then if frequent steering correction is needed on driving straight on level road, suspect a steering box problem.