Hello all, this is my first post so be gentle. I live in the milton keynes area (for my sins) and would like to know if any of you out there know of any places near by where I can de lock my Sportrak?

Yeah that is what I mean. I

Yeah that is what I mean. I know it can be done just don't know by who. They remove all locks so the doors are opened by solonoids activated by remote.

i could fit the soliniods and

i could fit the soliniods and stuff, you can buy kits for that sort of thing, taking the locks out and covering the holes left is a different matter. you would have to get the doors re sprayed!

anyone wana ride in my hovercraft!


I have sorted out the central locking issue. It's just finding someone to take out the locks and fill in the holes!!!

before laying out your cash,

before laying out your cash, i would check out the ministry regs concerning door handles.
i believe the made solenoid doors illeagal if they are the only access to the door.
i used to work with VW beetles and i am sure a new law came in just as i left concerning this.
i dont want to see you part with a lot of cash only to find you cant get an mot on it.
from waht i remember locks can be done, door handles cannot be done

Mine recently failed the MOT

Mine recently failed the MOT because "It had no physical means with which to gain access to the vehicle" ie The drivers door handle had snapped off the night before.....The tester apologised but was forced to fail it (computer based test). I went back within the 24 hrs with the handle from the rear door swapped into the drivers (leaving nothing to open the rear) and he passed it.