Daihatsu Sportrak modifications


Hello everyone, I have read a few topics on people wanting to add a K&N filters, However I would like to make more changes than that.

The sporty is currently my brothers and will be mine once I get my provisional liscence.

Until then I have time to buy some bits and pieces so would like to know what I can do to the engine, I know about the filter but what more, can I add a turbo or even anything else, in the future I will be raising it and buying bigger wheels to but I am going to concentrate on the engine for now.



A free flowing exhaust will b

A free flowing exhaust will be the next step in mofication. Some tuned extractors off the block and around a 2 inch system will give you a bit more power and give a good exhaust note to boot.

A turbo will set you back a LOT of money and this will depend if many people have done this modification, its hardly bits and pieces. Is it the 1.6L model you have? EFI?
You could even look into changing the camshaft to add a bit more power and shave the heads to give it higher compression. Then you will also need to look into an aftermarket computer management system to provide more fuel and a better mixture for the engine to utilise the extra power.
If any forced induction is used, a supercharger will provide a constant boost especially when 4WDing and much needed low down torque. But as said, very expensive to do.

For now, a free flowing exhaust and a K&N filter with some sort of cold air ducting work could be quite beneficial. Once you move past this, its gets expensive.

excellent, i'll do has you sa

excellent, i'll do has you said for the induction kit and the free flow exhaust, will see about the rest, was considering a turbo but has you said they are not cheap!

Happy future owner of a 92 Sporty...