auto locking hubs


i possibly need to change my front discs on a 1994 f/trak but i have never attempted to remove the auto locking hubs, i have a manual but it mentions special greases&sealants for the hubs.has anybody removed these type of hubs before and is there any hidden nasties.many thanks to anyone who can help....bill

Its pretty straight forward t

Its pretty straight forward to remove the auto hubs and brake discs...however before you do ensure the hubs are in the unlocked free wheel position.

The difference between the auto and manual free wheel hubs is an integral small brake drum and brake shoe...on reassembly special grease is applied to the backside of the brake shoe.

Why not get yourself a cd manual either off Lurch on this site or on ebay...the manual takes you through this process step by step with illustrations...makes things very clear.Not a difficult job.