Hi guys and gals,

Im a newbie here so please go gently on me Smile

Also I apologise in advance if this posting is in the wrong forum.

I have just bought a sportrak ELXi (midnight edition), and am after some general advice as I do not have an owners manual.
What I need to know is :- how will I find out if my sporty has an LSD fitted Unknw
I want to change all the gear oils (F&R diffs, main & transfer box's) along with servicing it. I have already drained the five speed and transfer box's, and refilled with EP90 gear oil (hope this is OK ?), but I know there is a special grade of gear oil for LSD equipped vehicles, (I work in a Vauxhall garage as a mechanic). Is there any way of telling if mine has got a LSD just by looking at it Unknw Also is it just the rear axle that will have a LSD, or would the front have one aswell Unknw
Apart from this there does'nt seem to be anything else concering me at the moment as this little truck seems pretty straight forward to work on (apart from the radio console being broken).
Also has anyone here got any idea what (if anything), the midnight edition has in the way of extras on it over the other models. Mine has some chrome steel wheels with 225/75x15 tyres, ally side steps, black bullbar, colour coded H/T (but this I know is standard).
I suppose what I really want to know is if the midnight edition is in anyway "more" special, and therefore regarded more highly than the others.
Anyways, thanks for having me, look forward to hearing from Y'all,


To find out if you have an LS

To find out if you have an LSD fitted (if not stated on the diff), jack the car up off it wheels and turn the wheel by hand. If the opposite side wheel turns the SAME way, you have an LSD. If the other wheel turns the opposite direction, you have an open diff.

Yes LSD diffs need a special oil. Open diffs use normal 75/90w gear oil(same as gearbox), while LSD's use a specific LSD oil.(~90W)


Thanks for the reply HOT40K, will be checking that tomorrow.