smelly sportrak


Hi can anyone help me. My K reg sportrak 1.6elxi smells of petrol inside as i am driving. I've had all the fuel pipes checked, had a crypton tune done ( no faults ) checked the tank and put in into 3 garages where they cannot find the fault.
Can anyone help me Unknw
P.S thank god I don't smoke !!

how about too much fuel, into

how about too much fuel, into the cylinders and its not burning.
the engine could simply be running too rich, that will give a fuel smell. it could even be a blocked air filter, which would cause a very rich mixture. the choke could be stuck open!
it might run fine, but simply be running very rich.

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smelly sportrak

YIPPEE it's fixed. Turned out to be a box in the rear panel fixed to the breather pipes that had a slight crack in it and once filled with araldite the smell had vanished. So thank you Aldo for the advice.