Sportrak wheel spacers


Hello Sportrak aficionados

My question is:

What´s the gen on those 35mm wheel spacers on ebay? The ones that broaden the track. Lateral stability is a big issue for me here, as the early winter snows have arrived already Sad

As the Sportrak is a SWB it has a reputation here (however ill-deserved) for pirouetting on icy surfaces. Last year I drove on 215s, all year tyres with metal stud inserts. This year I´m going to try the "Loftbolladekk"? Which translates as "Airbubbletyres". They seem to stick to the ice when braking suddenly on my old Subaru,though it does have the advantage of ABS...So please do let me know your experiences of using the bolt-on wheel spacers.
ATB from under the aurora borealis...



just fitted some to my 91 fourtrak and im very happ with the results, seems much more stable.