not broken timing belt but tensionor broken


well the title says it all

bent push rods and a pully kit any one know how much Sad


Push rod...humm I think you would be at the mercy of a dealer (or a breaker yard)

I'm an F75 person....I do not know, does the F78 have the same 2.8TD engine? I think it does....if so I do have an idler that is in very good condition (granted it has been in a box for over two years) but the bearing/roll looks like new....

now push rods sorry, sold those with the head a while a go..







do you know how much they are new Unknw

tensioner broken

Just had my dl51 engine stop and I think something has gone phut in the timing arrangement. I have not opened it up yet, but I am hoping that it is pushrods only that need replacement. What damage was done when the tensioner went - valves, rocker arms etc okay?