Heater matix price scandal


I needed to fit a new heater matrix to my wifes sportrak and was quoted any where between £15 to £75 secondhand. The £15 one had gone the morning I turned up to remove it and one at £20 turned out to be a fourtrak one. Then someone helpfully e-mailed me with the number of a company who supplies them for £57.50 plus vat and carriage new! The company is called motorads of Redditch and are contactible on 01527 65182. They make them in batches of 5 so they should have a few on the shelf. Well worth fitting a new one at that price as its a ball ache of a job, even worse if you were paying for labour.

Keep trakking


P.S. The sportrak is for sale @ £1200 with a full test and new heater matrix

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