Where are the soft tops?

Does anybody know if or where soft tops for sportraks can still be bought in the UK or even imported from outside?

I can find the replacements but without the hardware to go with it.

Any ideas?

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Soft tops

Have a look on EBay. Search under Daihatsu. I know there has been someone in the USA advertising a soft top for a "Rocky" which is what they call a "Sporttrak", which is what we call a "Feroza" Puzzled
Hope this helps
Good Luck
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soft top

if you plan to look on ebay be prepared for a long wait .... i know i have tried ... god knows i have tried .... if you have the money to spare you can order a new one .... ( complete ) from

price is £327.83 and comes in 5 colours

good luck

p.s. if you find 1 cheaper let me know as i have been searching for ages .... cheers

soft top

hiya! i bought one from monsoon £ 327. bit posh with frame. Then found out you have to remove the roll bar at the back. Didnt want to do that so sent it back. Got one for £280 from Mastercovers- their website is down but phone 192 they are in portsmouth. they make marine covers plus soft tops. It should have been extra £40 for the fitting kit if u aint had one b4. This goes over the roll bar. Fitting from scratch takes 1and half hrs, need 2 people and a drill. Not hard but a bit fiddly. To take the soft top down you take it right off. 5 mins max on your own.You can leave the targa top (sunroof)on but it kinda defeats the object. Only snag in removing sunroof is I believe its hard to fit in the back (not 4 me cos I took back seats out!) so not sure how it stows if seats in. Anyways GET YOUR TOPS OFF! its great!!


Sounds like quite a good deal, £280 for a new soft top. 2nd hand ones on eBay have gone for more than that!! You obviously have to add fittings onto the car, but does that stop the hard top going back on or are they inter-changable easily??

The sunroof does fit behind the rear seats, but you need to put something over it or strap it in place to stop it banging on the roll bar. I was trying to find a place to store the rear windscreen in the back, but havent really found anywhere - anyone got any tips??

I wish i could get the top off more often - its 27 degrees C today and yesterday, but everywhere ive been ive needed to cover it up whilst parked!


re topless!

Yeah I think its a pretty good deal. Ive not had the hardtop back on yet. Its in my cellar. But dont think it would take long to remove the fittings. These comprise:
1. 6 press studs- these can be left on
2. about 10 screw in thingies- unscrew in 5 minutes
3. 2 plastic channels- prob have to unscrew these, only 6 small screws total
4. self adhesive velcrose strip. obviously this has to stay on. can't imagine it will get in the way.
I believe my sportrak has a factory fitted immobiliser, the guys who fitted my alarm told me there was. Some insurance companies want this. I just make sure theres v little in it and leave it parked with the top off. Obviously if I was leaving it all day I would wizz the top on incase it rains or whatever.
To open the back door with the soft top on you just onhook 5 hooks, pull open 2 zips, and roll up the back window- which has loops for tying it up. This is handy as I use mine for work so use the boot all the time.

sportrak softtops

advert in my local admag,(Derby).As follows:sportrak soft top including frame and fittings, mint condition, £100 o.n.o.Tel01773 830877 or 0793 2817055 (mobile).Alfreton Derby shire.
don,t know if this is any help, who knows?
Regards Dunk


try here

Master Covers
Unit 6, The Slipway
Port Solent
United Kingdom

Tel: + 44 (0) 23 9237 4739
Fax: + 44 (0) 23 9221 0803
in[email protected]

think their website is down at the moment though


Want anyhelp here in Puerto Rico? i got a 90' Rocky SX but hard top. Let me know besides, parts here in Puerto Rico are a real pain to find. Especially in the San Juan Metro area, where I live!
787 318 [email protected]


I picked up a soft top on ebay for 138 squid and i'm having a right ball ache trying to fit it. Might be safer getting it brand new as the 15 studs needed will cost another 75 squid. Why are things always so difficult! Anyone got any instructions they can email me? Cheers!