charade 1988 timing adjustment etc


hi everyone.
i'm new to this forum, and generally new to home mechanics etc. I have a 1988 Charade Turbo which i'm very fond of, so i'm trying to keep it running nicely and learning a bit about engines etc as i go... I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction (or give me some advice themselves) of a good guide as to how to adjust the ignition timing. I've noticed that the engine idles a little roughly and that the idling speed isn't as constant as it perhaps ought to be - i reckon this might be something to do with the timing but if anyone has any other suggestions.... also, does anybody know where i might be able to locate a workshop manual for this car?
Thanks v much in advance for any help!


I must admit I don't have much experience with the Charade setup, but if I remember correctly it is fuel injected and has electronic ignition. If the ignition is electronic then whether or not you can change the timing yourself will depend on the type of system used.
If you have a coil then you can check the static timing by fitting a bulb in the circuit between the coil and the ignition switch, and hand cranking the engine until the timing marks line up on the front pulley,the point at which the light goues out is the static degrees of advance that the system is set at.
then all you have to do is check this against the factory setting, loosen the distributor and turn it until you reset the timing to the correct mark on the pulley.
If the system is either coilless or distributor less then you need a manual. sorry.
If its any consolation, from your description of the symptoms, I think you have an injection problem rather than an ignition one.
Start with putting new air and fuel filters on and treat the petrol with some injector cleaner. if this doesn't work then you need a garage to run diagnostics to check for defective sensors.

thanks for that, i will try c

thanks for that, i will try changing the fuel and air filters: come to think of it, i guess it has been quite a while since i changed either of those!
cheers, james

Hey James I have a G100 CB

Hey James

I have a G100 CB61 i.e. GTti shaped carb turbo.

I suggest you join here if you haven't already.

You'll get the full Daihatsu manual there and there's a lot of Australian blokes who know this engine. UK members are mainly GTti drivers, so they usually don't know much about the old 3cyl carb turbo!


If the car is running rough it is usually due to the timing, which is caused by worn points and being a 1988 charade they do run points, also it is a good idea to replace the condensor on the distributor also.
To replace the points you should have the motor at TDC as this will move the lobe on the distributor shaft to a position where the points are open. When the new points are installed the gap between the points should be .5mm using feeler gauges.
After the points are installed adjusting the timing is required, to do this you want to attach a timing light, pull the rubber plug out of the top of the gearbox just below the fuel pump housing, when removed you should see the top of the flywheel. The next step is to run the motor, then remove the vacumm advance hose from the distributor, the bottom-one, then cover the end of the hose with your finger, then shine the timing light through the hole pointing to the flywheel. A mark should appear on the flywheel and a white mark should be evident also. You need the two marks to meet evenly to acquire the correct ignition timing, when this is done re-connect the vacumm hose and it should run sweet. If the idle speed is to high or low just adjust it to a reasonable speed.