Feroza dashboard light


Although my Daihatsu is titled a Rocky in NZ it is actually a Feroza - a red light "warning" has lit up on the dash and I have no idea what it is.The model year is 1993 and the light appears third in from the left hand side of the odometer panel. It has vent or heatwaves above a rectangle that looks open piped from each end.... any help appreciated - there has been a suggestion that this may have something to do with catalytic converters which are not required to work in NZ as they are in Japan.

Thanks in advance!

According to the owner's manu

According to the owner's manual, this is the 'Exhaust gas temperature warning light'. Recommended proceedure from the manual is to have it serviced. My '89 Feroza (Narrowtrack, F300)doesn't have such a light though. Cheers

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Exhaust gas temperature warning light

Thanks for that so this is the exhaust emissions that the catalytic converter gets clogged with - not a problem here apparently unless I want peak performace out of it! I really appreciate your help though!!