fuse for sporttrak clocks?radio


hi please can somebody tell me where i find fuse for clock and radio in my sporttrak i blew em thx

Probably in-line fuses.

First location will be the two in-line fusable links. Each are found next to the battery. After that look into the fuse box located at the left side of the steering column below the dashboard.

On the 4trak that fuse is tuc

On the 4trak that fuse is tucked away up behind the dash (roughly above the clutch peddel) in line. Hard to see, it's a real head in the footwell, feet over the headrest kind of menouver to find it.

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radio fuse location

Hi Bobby, on my 94 fieldman the radio fuse is in a seperate little fuse box up near the steering shaft under the dash. Box not much bigger than a relay unit.
Nigel in Irealnd.