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I have recently bought a Fourtrak 2.8td for towing my caravan. This was bought for its massive amount of towing power. After owning it for 2 months I now love it. My problem is; when towing up hills I get a distinct drop off in speed, anything from 60mph at the bottom to 40mph at the top. The caravans weight is only 1000kg so well within limit. After phoning the local garages I get the same response, that the diesel pump needs adjusting as sometimes it is adjusted down for the emissions test on the mot. Does anyone know if this adjustment is an easy job, eg a screw, or is it a garage job and the bill that goes with it?
If it is an elusive screw, then where is it? I have bought a cd copy of the manual and am still none the wiser.HELP...

Not sure about the 2.8 engine

Not sure about the 2.8 engine. I do know that the 2.5 has an adjust ment screw, so I guess it would be Daihatsu logical to have the same on the 2.8. If there is one I'd guess it will be on the side of the pump facing the wing, or on top. The one on the 2.5 engine is a flat blade screw, with a locking nut around it. If it is there and hasen't been played with, you'll know it becouse it has a metal seal threw it to prevent tampering. Removing this seal invalidates the manufacturers warrenty, if your car is that younge. What the screw does is open the exses fuel device. As the 2.8 is electronically fired up instead of a mecanical linkage like the 2.5, it's also posible you need to use a multi meter, and find out which wire going into the pump comes live with the ignition, but goes off again a min or so after starting. Then you can cheat, and put a switch on the dash to this wire. Going up hill, reves start to die, click, hey presto maximum fuel, lots of black smoke, doesn't afect the emisions if pulled over, or for MOT. Remember I'm only guessing on this one.

Any veiws expresed in this thread by me are purely from my own experience, and (sometimes) falible memory. Hope my comments help, but please don't take them as gospel.

The adjustment screw is on th

The adjustment screw is on the rear of the 2.8 pump. Look for a slotted hex head bolt with a lock nut. As already stated, there may be a sealing wire through the locknut and adjusting bolt to prevent tampering. Screw the bolt clockwise, 1/8 turn at a time, and try it out. Careful, this adjustment only needs small amounts of turning. You may also want to check the inlet pipework between the turbo and the inlet manifold, especially if it is intercooled, as if there is a leak somewhere in that plumbing, it will result in a dramatic loss of power.
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Many thanks for the informati

Many thanks for the information, adjusted 1/8 turn a time, after 3/4 of a turn I'd give Schumaker a run for his money.

Next problem is with the 4 wheel drive, but I'll get to that another day.

Thanks again.