would like to put in a v6/v8 chevy engine


ive been talking my wife round to this one and id like to up grade my littel 2.8 to a modest 5.2 or maybe more . iv been looking around on the web for a chevy engine that would do and more or less fit and having problems allso what else would i need to change and when this mephomrphes is compleet id like to sell old engine (derv)how much should i be looking at to sell id like any opinion on this one and this transformation will not affect my insurance hows that not bad hay wellive got to keep her sweet so im off with fether duster and piny to do house work .thanks in advance for feed back. muddymick


forgot to say its a d reg fortrak

Hmm..can I have a shot of it

Hmm..can I have a shot of it when your done !!!
As for old 2.8 engine...it depends m8.
Is it Turbo or non Turbo....what mileage has it done Unknw
Is the engine in good nick Unknw
Will you be selling all the peripherals with it i.e. alty,starter motor, fuel/injector pump..or seperately..this will affect the price you can ask for it considerably.

Are you sur you want to go th

Are you sur you want to go that big? A 3.9efi range rover engin would give it plenty of poke, and with a gas kit be cheaper to run than the deisal you've got now. Easy to install to. Unbelivably the engine mounts marry straight up. If you get the rangy bell housing and clutch plate too you can make your own conversion kit. Cut both the Diahats bell house, and the rangy one in half, mesure and machein to correct length for input shaft, then ally weld two halves together. Finally, if you drill out the pop rivets on the two cluthch plates you'll find the Daihatsu paddles marry up to the rangy presure plate. I knoe of two cars that have had this mode. One was a triler, and one a green laner. Both were excelent cars.

Any veiws expresed in this thread by me are purely from my own experience, and (sometimes) falible memory. Hope my comments help, but please don't take them as gospel.

I'd like some information on converting my US Rocky's engine.

I recently stumbled across this web site/forum, while looking for a replacement engine for my '90 US Rocky. My lower end started knocking while on an interstate trip (quiet at idle to about 2200 rpm then the knocking begins). I think I can get buy by replacing the crank and rod bearings, but finding the parts is the first challenge. From what I have seen from the web, rebuilt engines are not very reliable... It appears as there are limited choices
A: Rebuild my engine (or replace the lower end bearings)
B: Buy a used (hopefully low mileage well maintained) engine.
C: Sell the Rocky to a salvage yard. Or
D: determine if an engine conversation is practical.

I'd appreciate any input anyone can provide on this.

Al Berstler

engin change

ShokShok i find the 2.8 powrefull enuff. you want to put a small block chevy engin in your 4track you will have to change axles, gear/transfer box
all that will be standed will be the body and the chasey

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