legal towing weight for 1986 rocky (fourtrak)?



could someone tell me what the max legal towing weight for an import 1986 rocky (fourtrak) is please. Nothing on the reg. sheet.........gross vehicle weight is 1680 kg. 85% of this would be 1428 kg so does that mean just under 1.5 tonne?!

cheers griff Scratch one-s headScratch one-s head

legal towing weight for 1986 rocky (fourtrak)?

It should give the max towing wt on your VIN plate. (difference between 1st wt & 2nd wt)My F78LWB tows 3.5 tonnes but it weighs almost 2 tonnes, or 2235kgs if u believe the plate so yours may tow slightly less. (kerb wt should include fuel & 75kgs for a driver). It seems to be a bit of a grey area. I've read on a couple of sites that, should u get pulled, the coppers will use your VIN plate as a guide to what u can tow. FWIW your Fourtrak will hardly notice a 1.5 tonne trailer if the engine is in good nick and the brakes are maintained.


legal towing weight for 1986 rocky (fourtrak)?

Ah. I see from your Tyre pressure post that it's a 2Ltr petrol. Mine's a 2.8 TD. Not sure how they compare for towing, although mine's only 100 bhp so perhaps yours would tow as well as mine.