Sportrak starting problem


A problem has arisen when starting my 1989 Sportrak.Recently it started no problem and with the occassional blip when youd turn the key and nothing.The problem is now more permenant as in I turn the key and nothing.The day it failed to start at all I has used it to go somewhere and turned the engine off for a few minutes but then it wouldn't start again.Any ideas ??

Sportrak starting problem


I am a new member here and its my first posting. I had to reply to your post as I have a similar problem. Basically, bought my Sporty which is also a 1989 model (EL). Bits and bobs were done to it ie. cylinder head skimmed, electrical connections changed and a full service but it would still not start on occassion. Even when I do get the rascal going the engine would cut out when slowing down! I've now been told that I need to replace the carburettor as this maybe the problem. Apparently its the autochoke, but because my one has broken bits in it, I've been told to replace it. A new carb is an arm and a leg so I got a used one and it will hopefully be fitted soon. By the way, if your problem is also related to the carb, and if your carb isnt broken, it might need a good cleaning out.

When this is done I will let you know if the starting problem is gone. I'm not mechanically minded but hope this helps.

Good Luck

Sportrak starting problem

Thanks for the replies,I've had a friend look at it today and it seems the problem may be down to the fan belt being loose and not allowing the alternator to charge the battery properly.Seems it some times catches and charges although seems to slip most of the time,there is a squeel for a few minutes a start up on occassion but if it squeeels it goes away fairly quickly.Going to try and sort this tomoorow so if I get a result I'll post it.

When you say 'turn the key, a

When you say 'turn the key, and nothing', do yo mean nothing at all, or is there a clicking sound but the engine does not turn, or do you mean the engine turns but will not fire?

Any veiws expresed in this thread by me are purely from my own experience, and (sometimes) falible memory. Hope my comments help, but please don't take them as gospel.