Cuore/Mira Avanzato - Parts/support/knowledge sharing etc!


I've read a few topics about parts for avanzatos/classics, and think I may struggle with this specific query. I have an S-reg Avanzato which is in need of a front wheel bearing set. My local parts dealer has gone a bit quiet about it, so I'm guessing he's having trouble finding these parts.:-(
Would love to chat to other folks who own or have owned these cars, see if we can get some support unit/knowledge base going? Sounds far fetched/OTT but worth it if it might mean we can keep these crazy little trolleys flying longer!:-)

try a different dealer i thin

try a different dealer i think Smile i just got a set of front bearings for mine from the dealers Smile a mate got them for me from a daihatsu dealers in wakefield. i normally go to sg petches at bishop auckland in durham, they are good but can take ages!

check my website, its mainly about classics at the moment, but theres a big update coming and its also going to expand to cover avanzatos!

I'm the one who got them for

I'm the one who got them for him, you get them as a set of front and rears, they're £47.07 + VAT per side. They were out of stock but he got them in within the week, took about 3 days. Entirely by Email too, no deposit or anything. Would recommend!

I THINK the bearings are standard across the entire L500 range, Avanzatos, Classics and regular bog-standard Cuores. If you go to the website and do the parts enquiry they tend to be quite good at giving you the info you need. The dealers usually get a bit baffled by anything that isn't a Sirion or something.

Info sharing would be really good, I've got a Mira Classic Turbo, they use a mishmash of regular Cuore and Avanzato parts and it's confusing to find out which is which!

Hey, thanks guys...have put i

Hey, thanks guys...have put in my request for the part on the daihatsu website, so hopeully should hear something soon.
Would be good to know which common parts of the cars are specifically for avanzato/classics and which are generic standard. I'm tempted to fork out for the servic3 m4nual, but fear it may only really cater for the standard models in essence.

Cuore Blimey!

You'd be right - it's only re

You'd be right - it's only really for the basic Cuore but there's some good info there. But there's loads of gaps - I've really no idea what we can do unless we get hold of some proper Japanese manuals and translate them.

We've got to start somewhere, so in terms of perishable stuff, the Classic/Avanzato compared to the standard Cuore use their own brakepads and air filter (all being Avanzato items, the Classic just uses them too). The oil filter is just a generic Daihatsu part and is used in loads of their cars aside from the Cuore. The fuel filter I'm not 100% on but I'm quite sure is a generic item.

Exterior, we can use the Cuore doors and wings. You can also use the boot on the Classic and the pre-facelift Avanzato but on the facelift with the numberplate in the boot you'd have to hunt out a "Mira Moderno" boot. Fortunately this car is quite common in Japan, but I don't think we ever got it. Bumpers are obviously specific, the mirrors, if you have the chrome ones these are specific to us as well. I've never seen a regular Cuore with them, but all Classics and some/most Avanzato's have them. Only other non-obvious specific things are the huge metal aerial - the standard Cuore always has a stubby plastic one - and the wheels. We have the exact same wheels BUT the standard tyre width is slightly different on the Classic. That's it really there!

Interior - the Cuore has our dash (so does the Move) but in a rather nasty kind of blue colour. You could respray it I suppose. Fabric is also wrong but I'd guess it has the same black carpet? The controls and stalks etc. are the same as ours, though don't expect to find aircon on many!

Mechanically I'm not too sure as of yet - the suspension is definitely different on the Avanzato to the Cuore and probably different on the Classic as well. Gearbox is definitely a different item and this seems even more specific to Classic and Avanzato seperately because the Classic EF-RL and Avanzato JB-JL engines have a different final gear settings. Clutch and flywheel I've absolutely no idea - I would say it's very likely to be different to the Cuore but I wouldn't be too surprised if the Classic and Avanzato share these parts. I would be thrilled if they do because I'd love to change the clutch and flywheel on mine and I bet you can get all kinds of fancy items for the Avanzato.

Overall let's see what we can confirm - I really don't 100% trust Daihatsu UK in getting the parts right all the time!

Its been a while (still no news from Dai UK)

Thanks for the last post PM Dan, it seems you're quite switched on with the technical side of things already. Smile Apologies for the delay in following up on this. I'm currently building a website, which will have a fair amount dedicated to my avanzato, and to hopefully include a specific model knowledge base with an FAQ section.
I've just bought an oil filter from Halfords(they're a joke most of the time!) which is intended for the 850cc Cuore, and it looks identical to the zato's, so yes I am starting basic, but the oil needs changing almost every other trip! I'm not about to start learning japanese, so translating specific japanese manuals is not really an option, but I am aware of a few translator services online that charge to translate bulks of texts or publications. The whole process seems expensive and laborious and I'm sure there are easier ways. My 'Zato did have some modifications done by a previous owner, the details of which I gather are... a slightly larger IHI ball-bearing turbo(hence no need for a larger intercooler), another mod was a racing clutch, but I have no information about the make or supplier of it. It does improve gear change speed at higher revs, but not noticeably any better lower down the rev reange, but no big deal there.
It did have some PAL SPORTS lowering springs on it, but they were very harsh (more so than usual!) so I put the original springs back on. I couldn't tell you where they came from, but the guy I bought the car from may have some more info? As much as I'm keen to keep most things standard I think a larger set of alloys would improve the ride considerably. I've seen 14" Compomotive alloys on other cars that have popped up on ebay, so I know they would fit.
Its a shame there appears to be such little support from Daihatsu UK for these cars. I'd imagine they are regretting importing these models into the UK in the first place, but as we form such a minority then we'll never really be able to command much assistance collectively.
Just found what looks like the perfect treatment for early signs of rust...its made by Hammerite, and is in a spray can called "Direct to Rust" Metal Paint. It serves as primer, undercoat and top coat all in one. Some areas of my 'zato were showing speckles of rust, so a clean and a minor rub down and then the application of this paint(which conveniently comes in silver) and job's done.
Anyway, thats enough from me for now, but I'll keep you guys posted on the creation of the website and KB, as I'm sure your knowledge will figure greatly too. cheers

Cuore Blimey!

I'm aware of that one and the

I'm aware of that one and the location of those Palsports springs! Probably the most modified non-rally one in the country. We seem to be lacking the modifications here, it's harder for the Classic owners than the Avanzato owners because the EF-RL has a lot less aftermarket for it than the JB-JL. Still, things exist and I'm dealing with a place now in Japan who are about to handle my first order including some D-Sport parts! We'll see how that goes. Mine is only modified with a HKS Super SQV Blow Off Valve but a HKS Super Power Filter should be coming soon, exhaust will be made later next year for it too.

For rust, be very aware of your arches!! The rear ones don't have any kind of liner and mud builds up in them easy, when I bought mine it was caked up with inches of mud but they'd kept it garaged in the dry so it must not have done anything! All the Zatos and Classics will end up looking like MK1 MR2's in 10 years I bet. Just hose them out every so often, I give the car a wash every week so I just sponge them out then. There's a few screws I've seen rust colour on in the door frames but nothing to concern me as of yet, think Daihatsu have got it cracked in terms of rust protection.

Wheels - we have an awful PCD shared with the early type MK1 RX7 and the Perodua Kelisa (based on the L500 Mira/Cuore) and not a lot else! Don't expect to find much out there - however - here's a bit of trivia for you, the Daihatsu Challenge alloys (6 spoke ones as used in rally stuff) are the exact same as the optional Raceline/Sepang alloys for the Perodua Kelisa! So if you're looking for a change you might want to head that way. Also slightly wider than the standards. Still 13" mind.

I had

If the Avanzato wheels fit then
I had a set of those White Rally Avanzato Wheels
Size was 13" I think about 5.5" Wide
The PCD you are looking for is 4/110 ie 4 studs on 110mm circle

Definitely G11 Charade 83-87 had that PCD as well as Move (I think Move)

The company that made the Avanzato wheels is called
They made the wheels for Harry Hockley Motorsport for the challenge cars as I managed to buy one set that they never came back for Smile

I'm sure if someone approached KN Wheels to make a batch of them they would be up for it


It is better to be thought an idiot than to open ones mouth and remove all doubt. Smile

It is better to be thought an idiot than to open ones mouth and remove all doubt. Smile

That's interesting, did wonde

That's interesting, did wonder where they originally came from. Wonder who made the ones for Perodua?

If anyone wants rid of a set I might be interested.

Wider Wheels! Mmm!

Now there's food for thought. Looking good guys. I'm very tempted by the prospect of wider wheels - even if they're still 13".
I remember searching for overseas Cuore's - I think I recall seeing a much later shaped "Avanzato-badged" car on a dealer website in Holland - but from memory it had a 1 litre engine so I doubt it would have been turbo-charged.

Back to the subject of rust - the rear arches, upon close inspection, had the initial signs of rust, so some light rubbing down and a few coats of that Hammerite all in one stuff I mentioned and job's a good 'un. Cheers.

Cuore Blimey!

I run the Charade GTti owners

I run the Charade GTti owners club and we are looking to expand the club to cover all sporting Daihatsus if this would appeal.

We currently have a number of annual meets, have a bimonthly magazine and our website is We've had a fair bit of coverage this year too hacing been in a few mags and even on telly too.

If you'd been interested let me know as I have been in contact with some 'zato owners inlcuding a guys whos modded his with lots of goodies from Palsport in Japan.


Daihatsu Charade GTti Owners Club


Agree completely about support or lack of it for parts. My motor is a L200 TRXX. The nearest & actually the original supplying dealer just does not want to know. Contacted another dealer who did supply a couple of parts but another enquiry has never been answered despite several phone calls.
There must surely be a Daihatsu dealer somewhere in the UK who can help obtain parts. If anyone has that information perhaps we would all benefit & it would also bring some extra trade that dealer.
Are there possibly any dealers in France/Germany who may be able to assist Unknw Does anyone know if it is possible to source the common parts through a Perodua dealer Unknw
Lastly I think it would be more convenient for all concerned if the Mira/Charade etc models were separate from the 4x4 models that seem to be in the majority on this site.

I think it'd be nice if we co

I think it'd be nice if we could get in touch directly with some Daihatsu dealer in Japan. France and Germany probably wouldn't be much use as they've got a smaller Daihatsu range than us and didn't get mad small import quota things like the Avanzato and Classic.

It must be particularly frustrating for you as the L200 TR-XX is quite a commonplace car over in Japan and if a place was willing to sort it out they could have the parts easy new or used.