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For us non UKites could we get an explanation of the registation categories ie. d reg & f reg etc.

Registration plates

Its simple really, up until 1998 all Uk registered vehicles had a registration plate with letter prefix to identify the year of registration, which changed every August.
So August 1988 to July 1989 had the prefix F for example, I'll let you work out the rest, that way we can see if you have too much time on your hands!
After 1998 the prefixes were changed every six months to try and even out the seasonal nature of the market, and now we have a new system where the letters are random and numbers represent the year of manufacture.
Hope this helps, if not you should get out more!!

How simple - I really thought

How simple - I really thought it something to do with vehicle types. With that load off my mind I can now go out! Mind you if you look at my original post time I was waiting for the birds to wake up. Cheers

It ran like this until Sept.

It ran like this until Sept. 2001....

ABC 123 A

Where the second two letters of the 3-letter prefix were regional identifiers, the numbering was dictated and issued by local area offices, and the suffix letter was the year identifier. The years were as follows.....

A FEB-1963 to DEC-1963
B JAN-1964 to DEC-1964
C JAN-1965 to DEC-1965
D JAN-1966 to DEC-1966
E JAN-1967 to JUL-1967
F AUG-1967 to JUL-1968
G AUG-1968 to JUL-1969
H AUG-1969 to JUL-1970
J AUG-1970 to JUL-1971
K AUG-1971 to JUL-1972
L AUG-1972 to JUL-1973
M AUG-1973 to JUL-1974
N AUG-1974 to JUL-1975
P AUG-1975 to JUL-1976
Q Special or temporarily imported from abroad
R AUG-1976 to JUL-1977
S AUG-1977 to JUL-1978
T AUG-1978 to JUL-1979
V AUG-1979 to JUL-1980
W AUG-1980 to JUL-1981
X AUG-1981 to JUL-1982
Y AUG-1982 to JUL-1983

In August 1983, the system was reversed, so the year letter became the prefix, i.e. A 123 ABC

A AUG-1983 to JUL-1984
B AUG-1984 to JUL-1985
C AUG-1985 to JUL-1986
D AUG-1986 to JUL-1987
E AUG-1987 to JUL-1988
F AUG-1988 to JUL-1989
G AUG-1989 to JUL-1990
H AUG-1990 to JUL-1991
J AUG-1991 to JUL-1992
K AUG-1992 to JUL-1993
L AUG-1993 to JUL-1994
M AUG-1994 to JUL-1995
N AUG-1995 to JUL-1996
P AUG-1996 to JUL-1997
Q Special or temporarily imported from abroad
R AUG-1997 to JUL-1998
S AUG-1998 to FEB-1999
T MAR-1999 to AUG-1999
V SEP-1999 to FEB-2000
W MAR-2000 to AUG-2000
X SEP-2000 to FEB-2001
Y MAR-2001 to AUG-2001

From SEP-2001, an entirely new system was adopted with registration marks of the following form:

abnn ccc

where a is the Area Identifier, b is the Vehicle Registration Office
identifier, nn is the year number and ccc are random letters.

Hope this helps.

Dave with a Sporty

Dave with a Sporty

Thanks Dave H, what a good sy

Thanks Dave H, what a good system particularly with vehicles such as fourtracs where there is very little varience in appearence from year to year. In Queensland Australia even the rego sticker does not identify year of manufacture.