Rear Lights - I got 2 sets!!


Hi All

Just got my new Sportrak L reg ELXi. I am really confused about the rear lights.

I have got brake lights and indicators in the bumper and in the body... and here's my problem

the indicators work in the bumber and body, the reverse lights work in the body but the brake lights don't. only the bumber brake lights.

Changed the bulbs etc and checked the wireing is connected to the light housing.

Anyone got any ideas?

I am confused as hell Help

Rear Brake Lamps


I had a similar problem on my 1995 Sportrak Elxi caused by the previous owner fitting a tow hitch and lighting board conector using scotch blocks. I found and traced the live feed which goes to the stop lamps in the body, which then on to the stop lamps in the bumper.
All four lamps should come on together and it looks like you have lost the feed to the stop lamps in the body. Get some one to press the brakes on and off while you hold a meter on the feed to the rear stop lamp bulb . If you do not get a reading of 12 volts then the feed to that lamp is broken. If you cannot trace the break then you can use a length of wire from the working lamp to the lamp in the body.
You may have to span across to the other side with new wire as well if that link is broken.
It is worth noteing that the main wiring harness comes through behind the rear left body cluster of lamps.You can also pick up a new feed to the body lamp from here which is better practice.
Try following the coloured wire back from the working bumper lamp to behind the left rear cluster of lamps, it should TEE off to the body lamps and this is where you have the problem, Good Luck!

If it doesn't worry you, it's

If it doesn't worry you, it's not a problem, as all you need by law is one break light on each side, (within certain mesument boundries). As for the MOT, if there are two sets, and only one works that's fine, as long as it's a balenced pair (eg both lights in the bumper work, but neither the ones in the rear pillars work, but not a bumper light on one side, and a pilar light on the other).

Any veiws expresed in this thread by me are purely from my own experience, and (sometimes) falible memory. Hope my comments help, but please don't take them as gospel.