Door handle for Sportrak


Door handle on drivers side has snapped off. Anybody know where to get a replacement?
Also, is it an easy job to replace?

Find one in a r

Find one in a removing the one from the scrapper you will learn all you need to remove and refit the new one to your own vehicle. I guarantee it Smile

I've done a few myself including a 4trak...they can be fiddly but generally a pretty easy job.You need to uncouple the rods which attach to the locks...get at these by removing the inner door card.
The handle is screwed/bolted from the inside.

door handle

Thanks Mike, now i just need to find a scrapper with a sportrak, unless i could use a handle from a different make/ model.

Anybody know of any models that have same handle?

If a 4tak one fits (which I t

If a 4tak one fits (which I think it does, but can't garentee) I have one or two around. £5 plus P+P. 07710 088162

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