Brand new Charade gas guzzler!


Hi folks

Just bought a new 3 door 1.0L manual Charade here in Australia.

I was expecting the car to be miserly on fuel; but it's using more than an Astra on the highway!

I'm getting around 9L/100km (26mpg). I was expecting 5L/100km (47mpg).

The car has only done 450km though - is this something associated with a new, tight car or have I bought a gas guzzler?

hungry charade!

hiya we have a charade :)and have done 4,500 and we regulaly get 60ish mpg, but the fisrt tank of fuel did not go very far, with the engine being new and tight,give it a 1000 miles and it should get better with each mile........... Biggrin

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