Fourtrack starting problem


Does anyone out there know of a solution to intermitent starting fault.My vehicle is a 1993 fourtrack 2.8 tdx indipendent.The fault is sometimes i turn ignition key and just get a heavy clunk ,(starter engages ring gear but dosent turn). Ive recently changed battery and checked all starter conections live and earth strap.Does this sound like a starter motor fault? , It also has a clicking sound from off side wing under bonnet for 30 seconds after starting is this normal? Any sugestions would be very helpfull.

Your starting problem

Sound to me like you have an issue with your starter motor. I had an issue with mine a little while ago. It cost me £50 to get her re-cond, very good job, very happy.

I think the clicking noise could be your glow plug solenoid.

Mine clicks for around 20sec after starting, not sure if it is surpose to but it does not seem to do any harm.

H, with a 91 fourtrak.

Removing the starter motor is easy,

H I have the same problem wi

I have the same problem with my starter motor and intend getting it out to have it refurbished.You say its an easy job.Would you mind just taking me through the job m8.I know its only 3/4 bolts but do you
get at them from underneath the car Unknw

Removing your starter motor

Its easy,

Disconnect the batt.

Disconect the main feed etc from the starter.

It is better if you have a 3/8 socket set, but a 1/2 is ok.

For the top securing bolt work from under the bonnet. I use a 17mm spanner(could be a 16mm depending on bolt manufacture. If you us the ring end and turn the spanner round you will find it will clear the body work and nicely fit.

Use a socket set with some extensions to get the lower ones.

Be sure to support the motor with a strap or something so it does not fall when you remove the bolts.

I got my re-done in Leicester (do not know where you are)

The service manual has a pretty good fault finding guide and strip down procedure, but for the sake of 50 notes I got a pro to do.

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Thanks for your reply Hayden, i will remove starter and check it out as you suggest.Its nice to know about the clicking noise as i wasnt sure if this was related to starting fault or not.What a great site this is.Many thanks Ian B from Scarborough.

Sounds like you've already go

Sounds like you've already got the answere to the starter motor thing. If you've got a sticky starter, or an itermitant wiring falt, there is a bodgery way of getting out of troble, till you get it fixed. Carry a metal bar of about 2-3 foot long in the car. When the old girl lets you down, try hitting the starter hard with the bar, whils't turning the key. Possible on your own, easier with two. Not exactly a long term sollution, but may get you home in an emergency.
As for the clicking wing, it is the glowplug relay. And it is supposed to do that. It's to do with extra cold starting. It allowesd the engin to get up to running temprature quicker. It also takes a hefty wallop out of the battery. If your alternator isn't pulling it's weight, you'll soon know about it.

Any veiws expresed in this thread by me are purely from my own experience, and (sometimes) falible memory. Hope my comments help, but please don't take them as gospel.