Its broke again


Well, having got the F70 through the MOT I took it to Sibbertoft on Sunday, and it broke again! Lost all drive to the front after just an hour playing. Dont know what it is yet, just something in the front axle, no bangs or anything, just stopped working. Only realised when I kept getting stuck where I shouldn`t. Diff or half shaft I suppose. This will be the last repair I do on it though.

doubt its the diff, have you

doubt its the diff, have you taken the cover off and had a look at it, its built like a tank! if it was the diff, it would make horrible noises. i would say its probably in the hub, if one of the front hubs dont lock in, you wont have front wheel drive, take them to bits and check they engage.

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The earlier F20/50's had a ha

The earlier F20/50's had a habit of shearing the bolts off that hold the FWH to the centre of the hub asembly. I've not heard of the later models doing it, but it would be an easy thing to check befor going o town on the rest of the axle.

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