I want one and need to know


I am in the Dominican Republic after cruising on a 30' Pearson Sloop for 6 years from the U.S.A. There are no new Hijets or Deltas here( all used imports from Japan) and I want to buy a used (2003) one to haul stuff around, play and go camping. In Constanza, a town of 80k at 3000 feet in the mountains. The locals load the little hijets with enormous amounts of stuff. Some times it is hard to see the little vehicles. Questions. On the truck it say 4WD, what does it stand for. It is not 4 wheel drive. There is no axle in the front. I have seen several sizes of Deltas, the larger one seems to have three separate single seats and the smaller one seems to have a single driver seat and a seat and a half for the passenger. I will probaly end up with the hijet because of the cost. Can I increase the tire width in the rear for a little better traction or will that over power the rear-end and transmission? What speed can I average on the big (very few) smooth roads and not damage it? I will never be loading the Hijet with 20 people or three times its weight in produce. I just need to carry a fishing rod and a couple of friends. I want the Hijet that all 3 bed sides open. Do they come routinely with diesels or mainly gas engines. All thoughts appreciated.