Sportrak starting/running problems


I have a problem with my Sportrak. It is very very reluctant to start, eventually chiming in on one or two cylinders. When it eventually runs, it runs well for the first 5 or six miles, then starts missing/stalling etc. I have changed plugs, leads, distributor cap and rotor arm, and lastly the coil, all to no avail. I have a 89 1.6EL, carburettor etc.

It has run without a problem for the last 4 years, but I'm getting desperate.

Any thoughts?



I know it sounds like electri

I know it sounds like electrical/HT but have you considerd:
Choke control?
Compression test?

I know its a long shot but I had a Golf with similar symptoms, turned out to be a small hose had split at the back of the carb. I only found it when I went to replace the carb with one bought from the breakers. Had done everything else like yourself and 2 mechanics could'nt find the problem.


Just been to check round, and have found a vacuum hose disconnected. I'm trying to establish where to connect it, I think the diaphram body sitting to the side of the carb, but its started raining, so i'll have a try at this tomorrow.

Thanks for the tip, could be just the clue I need.