Sportrak Suspension


I have a 1990 Sportrak and have heard rumours that it is possible to adjust the suspension on it. I.e lower it or raise it. Does anyone know how to do this without having to pay a garage to do it?

Also, has anyone heard of this being done before because my Sportrak does sit a lot higher than others. I feel that if I lower it then the ride will be less bumpy.

P.S I do have the three stage damper set to low.




I cant help you, but if anyone knows how to raise the front Diy or garage would be very grateful. Using mine 1996 ltd heavyly off road
fun-days and green-laneing. Keep bending sump guard and grounding out
in the middle ( a bit like a see-saw).

Just been out green-laneing with the land rover club.. guess what got
stuck....... thats right a landrover 90. ha ha .. and me with road tyres..
many thanks

suspension lifting

If you look under the the middle of the car, just under the door handles, you will find one 19mmish bolt, by turning that you will twist the torsion bar in so raising the front end. Make sure you measure the distance equally on both sides. plus you can only get away with a 1" lift with standard shocks. For the full 2" lift you will need to can longer shocks (if you can find any 3 stage ones in that longer length let my know cos I can't).

For the rear you will need to engineer some longer shackles for the leaf springs. by making a shackle 2" longer you will get 1" lift, and the same for a 2" lift you will need a shackle 4" longer. again as with the front standard shocks will only handle an 1" lift, longer shackles are needed for the 2" lift.

lifting the sporty make the car very unstable, so to remidy this you need to make or equire wheel spacers, to send to wheels further out. By sending the wheels further out you will need to extend you wheel archs. Do that any way you like LOL

Oh and if anyone has any tech drawings of 2" lift (4"longer) rear shackle can you send it to me, Ive got some one to make them but no-one to draw them

Ritchie Boyd