Aftermarket Heater Core for 1992 Rocky



I have a 1992 Daihatsu Rocky (USA model) and I have a bad heater core. I live at 6000 feet or 1800 meters. It's cold here and snow is already late.

I was told that Toyota makes one for their pick-ups that is a near duplicate. Actually it is the same dimensionally but the tubes are slightly longer. Big Deal. Does anyone know about any aftermarket heater core for my car. I'm trying to avoid putting in a used one.

I have gone through the bear of a job of removing the entire dash to remove this heater core to find that it is irrepairable. I took lots of pictures if anyone is interested. Shok

Daihatsu has a replacement heater core for $412US plus tax and shipping. That's about 1/4 the cost of the whole car!!


In the UK we go to a radiator repairer/specialist and get them either recored or renewed. Many companies such as motor-rad knock them up for about £70 thats $100. Recore about £60 or $80. So get on your phone and ring around!
PS ... not snowing here .... its very warm due to the USA burning so much oil!