Fourtrack TDX without turbo


Please bear with me as I am very new to the world of 4x4's I have recently purchased a 1992 Fourtrack TDX which at some stage in its life has had the turbo removed along with all the associated manifolds, pipes etc
My main concern is that turbo engines are usually different spec i.e compression ratio etc to that of the normally aspirated versions.So would this conversion be a possibility or has someone changed the whole engine for another. The engine runs reasonably well but seems to have a healthy thirst for diesel

AndyH. The ID plate on the en

AndyH. The ID plate on the engine bay firewall will tell you original engine type ie.

DL52 - Turbo
DL42 - Naturally Aspirated

Thats the starting point - let us know

Missing Turbo

I've had a look and its marked up as a DL52

OK. Now you need to find the

OK. Now you need to find the engine serial no. It is located just below the exhaust manifold right near the front of the engine. The top line will read DL - ??. Let us know what those two numbers are.