Is a SportTrak capable of serious Offroad?


This is probably answered elsewhere but i couldnt find a definative answer....
I was looking at getting a cheap and economical 4x4 and liked the idea of a sportrak for proper off road fun days, is the the sportrak capabale of handling this? (with decent tyres) or is it really a tarmac tool with the ability to handle the a bit of a gentle green lane? opionions greatly appreciated.

im sure more experienced 4x4

im sure more experienced 4x4 owners will help you out, but i was under the impression regards runnign costs, the petrol sportrak is not really any cheaper to run than a 2.8td fourtrak.
if you wana off road properly, then i would go for a fourtrak over a sportrak. from looking at both when thinking of buying the 2.8d fourtrak will pull better, will perform better off rd.
not sure what the insurance is like on a sportrak but i suspect it is higher than the 17 quid a month i pay on my fourtrak.

also bear in mind, that economical and 4x4 are really not to be in the same sentance, (apart from just then lol)
beauty of a deisel engine built like a tank is it will also run on veg oil Smile

anyone wana ride in my hovercraft!