first time buyer... I NEED ADVICE ASAP!!!


I'm new to 4x4s in fact i'm new to cars as this is my first purchase. I have found a beautiful '93 fourtrak and would very much like to buy. However the vehicle has some problems most notably the amount of fluid leaking from the rear differential. The car seems to drive ok in 4WD (although only tested for short time).


- Is this likely to be a major problem?

- Will it be expensive to repair?

- Where is the best place to get parts if needed?

If anyone can answer any of the above or offer some kind of advice it would be greatfully appreciated.




where exactly is she leaking, I assume it is a leaking oil seal where the drive shaft joint enters the rear diff on the axle. This is not a big problem to replace, the issue is, how long has it been leaking? what is the oil level in the rear diff? has it been run low? or dry? then you may have a problem in the future.

I would check the oil level in the rear diff, if there is oil in there (which there must be because it is leaking out) then I would not be too worried.

On another note, these cars are rear wheel drive...the 4wd engages the front axle....

Parts_ Milner Off Road..there is link on this site under the 'parts dealers' if need more info on replacing it just ask.





what he said, if the diff has

what he said, if the diff has run dry it may see problems in future!
also where is it leaking? you sure its diff oil?
if the oil seal is gone in the end of the axle, wont oil piss into the break drum?
is it leaking from the diff? or behind the hub?

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If it is from the rear diff c

If it is from the rear diff cover, not a problem. Just replace, or seal the gasket with some silicone. If its from the front, as others have suggested, then it warrents a bit more examination. There is a oil seal behind the round plate, which is behind the flange that the tailshaft bolts to. The reason for this to leak could be a couple of things. It is possible that grass or similar has got past the round plate, and chewed the seal. If this is the case, then replacement is easy and cheap. If, however, the seal is flogged out because of a crook bearing, thats a different matter. Climb under, and with the vehicle out of gear, but the handbrake on, grab the rear uni, and give it a really good shake, specifically up and down. If there is any movement, then the bearing has had it. This will contribute to the leaking seal. It requires complete dissassembly of the rear diff, and pinion bearing replacement. Its a bit of a job, but can be done by someone with reasonable mechanical skill, and access to workshop or good quality tools and working area. In either case, check the sealing area on the yoke. It may have a groove where the seal runs, which wont help. There is a product here in Oz called a Speedy Sleeve, which will cure this problem.
If it is leaking out of one end of the axle, then a wheel bearing is shot, and these are fairly easily replaced. Search for wheelbearing on this site for a link to outerlimits where a full wheel bearing how to change exists.
And if it still leaking, then not to worry. Its when it stops, that the worrying starts.


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