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Hi, are there any other owners of L200 Avanzato TRXX out there in the UK Unknw
Also anyone know of a dealer in UK who can obtain spares for this model Unknw

What is it you're needing, wi

What is it you're needing, will see what I can do to help. Smile

Got any pics of the Zato?! Love L200's, I nearly bought a L200 TR-4 some months back which is same as the 2WD Zato but with rear wheel steering and a less good turbo engine. Biggrin

L200 Avanzato TRXX

Hi thanks for your reply.
I am looking for a Drivers side headlamp & rear lamp.
Some bas...d has smashed mine !

Right then, best place I can

Right then, best place I can do for now would be this company - http://www.womoco.co.uk/

I've not used them myself but they're meant to be great at getting hold of obscure/import-only parts and do a mailorder service.

While we're at it for parts, there's a German site that has some L200 bits for sale (sells to UK as well), some of which a bit cheesy - http://www.sakura-car.de/4724/4616.html

Mira TRXX L200

Thanks for the info Dan. Will look at Womoco site.
I do not have any pics of car & unfortunately do not posess a digital camera. Mira is a little goer, but needs a higher top gear, gets there quick but feels as though it could go a lot faster.

im a mate of dans, we both ha

im a mate of dans, we both have L500 mira classics, where abouts do you live roughly? would love to see a L200 TRXX Smile

Same for any Mira really, the

Same for any Mira really, they've been designed in a way to make the most of what they've got! In Japan they've got 140km/h speed limiters (which everyone removes anyway) so they're geared for that.

I like the gearing of 1-4 but I agree 5 could be given a bit further up, you can drive quite happily in 5th at 35mph or so on the Classic!

Let us know how you get on - will keep an eye out for breaking ones on eBay too! Something to take note of - the L200 Mira has facelift and pre-facelift versions and the headlights are different on each (they curve round a bit more on the older ones). I THINK the tail lights are the same on all though.


Thanks for info about sourcing lamps have been in touch with 2 suppliers & am wating for replies.
See you are a mate of vanpeebles, he said he would like to see a Mira TRXX, it is actually my sons car, we are in Sussex. Cheers.

Let us know how you get on as

Let us know how you get on as the Classic is a bit fiddly for some parts too. A good supplier would be brilliant!