oil pressure gauge on an F75


Hi there,
I want to fit an oil pressure gauge and pref and oil temp guage on my F75. I think I may be able to do it with a sandwich plate between the oil filter and the engine. Has anybody used one of these? Do you know where I get one which fits?
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Oil pressure

Why bother? Regular oil changes and check the oil level regulary she will last for ever! Well longer than the bodywork will anyway!

If there is a sudden oil pressure drop the old oil light will come very quickly. Just make sure you switch off straight away and investigate!

Oil Pressure guage

Hi, I fitted an oil pressure guage on my fourtrak a while back. I took the oil warning light sensor off which is located just below the turbo near the oil filter housing and fitted an adapter which tee-d off for the oil capilliary and also allowed the sensor to be re-fitted on the adaptor. You could pick one up from somewhere like demon-tweeks, but i got mine from plumbing merchant, just make sure the threads match. I get around 70psi at idle and nearly 100psi when revved, not bad for an '85.

1985 Fourtrak 2.8, Intercooler, 4"Lift, on 31,10.5,15 Grizzly Claws.

1985 Fourtrak 2.8turbo, Spring over axel, on 35,12.5,15s

What type

HI I see from this thread that you fitted an oil pressure gauge. What type/model did u fit. I need to find out the thread size of the switch to fit a sender



My 2.8td came stock with an o

My 2.8td came stock with an oil pressure guage sender on the side of the oil filter bracket. I have since replaced it with an aftermarket guage which works fine. Worth having a look down there to see if there is a bung which can be removed and replaced with an oil pressure sender. I have also installed an oil temperature guage, and find that apart from being slower to rise than the water temp it generally reads about the same. That said, my engine has an oil cooler on the oil filter bracket which could possibly explain why. I have installed the sender for the temperature guage on the side of the block. It was a simple matter of undoing a bung which is bolted on the camshaft side of the motor and putting the sender in.