Fourtrak electrics


Good evening I have a 98 F78 and have just bought some second hand optional upper rear lights to fit to it. When I removed the blanking plate i was expecting to find the electrics in order to connect them straight in, no such luck sadly!!!! does anybody know where if any the connectors are located or is is a case of wiring them in myself, cheers!!! Iain

if you follow the wiring from

if you follow the wiring from the bumper lights, you should find a set of connectors.
I found tons of wires when chasing a fault on the rear lights of our fieldman van.
unfortunately unless you are a vet, you will find it a tight squeeze in the rear arches

fourtrak electrics

Cheers mowgli will put the car on the ramps at the weekend and have a poke about, always fancied myself as a vet so will give it a try cheers!!!

You can bye the wiring kit fr

You can bye the wiring kit from Daihatsu to just plug in. However it's not to bad a job to do yourself, if your a bit handy with a multi meter.

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Thankyou Nev, when i approached Daihatsu about purchasing the lights as a kit I was told that they do not do them anymore as an option, was told then that the wiring came as part of the kit, but will try to get some answers from the dealer but sadly they aren't of the helpful kind!!!! Iain