dedicated HIJET area


is there anybody else who visits this site to look for HIJET info, but finds it difficult to pick out the relevant parts?
it would be easier to find what you're looking for if you could search only articles relating to your vehicle.

and why is there no HIJET link on the 'vehicles' page? webmaster, please help.

Forum Restructure?

I do find it difficult to extract the hijet info from the rest. Of course if we all used the "subject" to highlight the model then all would be fine, but we are in the real world and it simply won't happen.
I think restructuring the forum and seperating the models would be a good move. Have a look at this site to see what I mean.


Forum restructuring.

I have been considering refining the Forum categories for a while, however don't feel that Daihatsu quite has the popularity to split it right down to individual models as the forums would look a bit empty and be a bit too large to find the area you want. However the latest Poll Gives a couple of the options I'd consider. Smile With Commercials that would pretty much just be the Hijet really as not had any visitors asking about Exton's yet.


Hot hijet

have a 24,000 mile diesel that gets real hot after about 5 miles.Rad and thermostat new,no loss of water,no water in oil.Can this be down to water pump? Heater no longer works. Is the water pump behind the cam belt cover? is this a diy job? if so how do you get the bottom fan pulley off to remove the cover? HELP PLEASE