Should the Forums be split into Vehicle Types?

Yes! 4x4s / Cars/ Commercials
50% (38 votes)
Yes! 4x4s / Everything else
33% (25 votes)
No its fine as it is.
17% (13 votes)
Total votes: 76



Anyone any idea what the round town miles per gallon is of the 2600 TDI



Look at this old mate asking a question in relation to a Poll.. BWAHAHA

yeah dedicated 4x4 section for sure!!

Non 4x4 owners get lost among all the 4x4 stuff, I'm afraid

OK, most of us seem to own 4x4s, but it's a bit unfair on owners of other Daihatsu models when they got lost in all the 4x4 talk.

I think they should have their own area in the website where they could talk without their relatively few numbers of posts being swallowed up with Traks/Sportys.

what a good question?

this site would definitely benefit from having dedicated areas for individual daihatsu models. trying to find anything other than 4x4 info can take ages. i hope webmaster will agree.

YES - Seperate 4x4s from us!

I acknowledge the fact that 4X4's form the majority of this website, but would be delighted to have a seperate section for rare models (such as my own Cuore Avanzato for instance!)
Many Thanks, Rhod.

Cuore Blimey!

Separate 4x4's from the rest ? Cautious Yes

Happy owner of a YRV 4trak , but unhappy at prospect of being separated
from the 2wheel drive lesser beasts, as I am sure that there must be faults that are common to all.

Seperate Car Section.

I have been a Sirion driver for 4 years now, having purchased the new SE Auto in ,05.
It is my opinion, though Daihatsu's are mainly 4 w drives, a seperate section would be an advantage to us mere CAR drivers.
I would like to point out that I am extremely satisfied by the two cars I have had, including service & after sales.

split vehicle types poll

Its a YES into the 3 for me.
With respect to the 4x4 owners, the club name is Daihatsu DRIVERS, not 4x4 owners etc. We are all still of the same feather but have a slightly differing taste of these great Jap creations!! 14+ years of Charade GTti addiction just being kicked with a dose of YRV Turbo 130 at the moment!!!

Current- 04 Silver YRV TURBO
Past- 91 Charade GTti, 89 Charade GTti, 98 1.3 Hi-Jet.
A friend in need is a friend indeed, a friend always in need, an Effin nuisance Wink

Settup of the site.

I think 2wheel drive should have there own section instead of having to wade through all the 4x4 stuff.
Being a fairly new 4trak club member I believe we are all daihatsu drivers and should be able to state our own opinions on how the site is settup.

sidecar mac

splitting vehicle types

It might be useful to seperate 4x4s from cars & commercials, but i'm not sure about spliting cars from commercials.

First off sorry for bringing

First off sorry for bringing back an old thread.
Yeh I think the forum should be split up even more, i.e. have a forum for the Avanzato model of the Cuore and then another for the 'normal' ones.

Would make things alot easier for a newbie to the car trying to find some information, i.e. me Biggrin